Latin America (Nelson)


Dorothy Nelson, USA

Creation Date

Not known.

Scale and Size

Original art scale: Not known
Original art size: 36.83 × 27.94 cm
Cropped digital art size: 30.68 × 38.68 cm at 300 DPI,
3,624 × 4,569 pixels

Terms of Use

No use restrictions. The shaded relief is in the public domain. Space permitting on your map, please cite Dorothy Nelson as the source.


Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area Projection
Central Meridian: 80W
Latitude of origin: 0N
WGS84 Datum

Note: the original projection could not be determined. Patterson manually transformed the art in Photoshop to fit the Lambert Azimuthal Equal-Area projection with parameters noted above, which fit somewhat closely.

Map Compatibility

Relief art modified by Tom Patterson to register with 1:50 million Natural Earth vectors:
The relief download includes a Natural Earth coast shape file with embedded projection information.

Release Date

May 2010

Additional Information

Original art created for R. R. Donnelley and Sons Cartographic Services, published by Macmillan, title not known. R. R. Donnelley and Sons Cartographic Services, now defunct, retained use rights and ownership of the art. Upon going out of business, Donnelley transferred ownership of the relief to GeoSystems Global Corporation, which later became MapQuest, owned by AOL. When MapQuest sold off their custom cartography unit, GeoNova, a successor company, obtained ownership of the shaded relief. GeoNova has since failed. GeoNova notified Herwig G. Schutzler of their intent to dispose of the shaded relief, which he rescued. Schutzler generously lent the original art to for scanning before donating it to the U.S. Library of Congress, where it is permanently stored.
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3.3 MB
GeoTIFF with World file and coast shape file