Santa Fe Mountains, New Mexico


William (Bill) Drake, New Zealand and USA

Creation Date


Scale and Size

Original art scale: 1:50,000
Original art size: 63.2 × 87.75 cm
Cropped digital art size: 63.2 ×  87.75 cm at 300 DPI,
7,461 × 10,364 pixels

Terms of Use

William Drake’s widow, Janet Peacock, donated the relief to Shaded Relief Archive. Please contact Ms. Peacock for permission to use it. Her address is embedded on the shaded relief.


None. The relief is in the UTM projection, Zone 13, NAD27.

Release Date

January 2012

Additional Information

The shaded relief is a scan of a half-tone film positive with de-screening applied in Photoshop. Lakes and roads appear in white on the shaded relief.

The shaded relief appeared on: Map of the Mountains of Santa Fe and the Pecos Valley, a hiking map published by Drake Mountain Maps.
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