Northwest Africa Reference – CIA


Not Known

Creation Date

Not known. Probably between 1960 and 1990.

Scale and Size

Original art scale: 1:5,000,000
Original art size: 83.1 × 105.6 cm
Cropped digital art size: 75.6 × 101.3 cm at 300 DPI,
8,936 × 11,964 pixels

Terms of Use

No use restrictions. The shaded relief is in the public domain. Citing the Central Intelligence Agency as the source is not required but okay to do, if space permits on your map.


None. The map projection and parameters are:
Lambert Conformal Conic Projection
Standard Parallel 8N and 32N
Central meridian: not known
Datum: not known

Release Date

February 2012

Additional Information

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency donated this relief to the U.S. Library of Congress in 2012. The relief art drawn in pencil and airbrush is on metal mount, a Swiss-produced paper adhered to an aluminum sheet. In addition to the relief art, the Library of Congress possesses a plate with airbrushed lowland tints, a drafting film overlay with sand and lava depicted in ink, and a drafting film overlay with reference lines. To obtain these items visit:
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