Mount Cook, New Zealand


William (Bill) Drake, New Zealand and USA

Creation Date

Circa 1992

Scale and Size

Original art scale: 1:50,000
Original art size: 82.9 × 62.6 cm
Released digital art size: 82.9 × 66 cm at 300 DPI,
9,795 × 7,792 pixels

Terms of Use

The shaded relief is in the public domain. When using the relief, please cite William Drake and Department of Survey and Land Information/Land Information New Zealand.


None. The relief is in the New Zealand Map Grid projection, Geodetic Datum 1949, International Spheroid.

Release Date

January 2012

Additional Information

The shaded relief provided here is a scan of a photographic reproduction printed on lightweight paper. William Drake’s widow Janet Peacock provided the paper print to

William Drake prepared the relief for the Department of Survey and Land Information, (now Land Information New Zealand), the national mapping agency of New Zealand. It was published on topographic map 260 sheet H36 in 1992. Map detail was revised in 1994 and 1996, but the relief shading remained unchanged. This 1:50,000 scale topographic map is part of a now obsolete English units series (this series was superseded by the metric NZTopo50 series in 2009). Land Information New Zealand has kindly allowed this website to publish the Mount Cook relief online.
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