Bighorn Canyon


Bill von Allmen, USA

Creation Date


Scale and Size

Original art scale and size: Not available. The relief plates match the size of their respective park brochure maps, which have non-standard map scales.
Cropped digital art size: 23.11 × 35.56 cm at 200 DPI, 1,820 × 2,800 pixels.

Terms of Use

This shaded relief is in the public domain with no use restrictions. Space permitting on your map, please cite “US National Park Service, Bill von Allmen” as the source.



Release Date

July 2010

Additional Information

This is one of over one hundred manual shaded reliefs created for the park brochure program by the National Park Service, Harpers Ferry Center. The airbrushed or penciled art is available on base materials made from either Bakelite plastic, Metal-mount (art paper mounted on an aluminum substrate), or DuPont Cronaflex drafting film. The originals are stored in a climate controlled facility at Harpers Ferry Center.

NPS manual shaded relief mostly derives from USGS topographic base maps several decades old. They are in either the UTM or Polyconic projection, and the NAD83 or NAD27 datum. In addition, some smaller-scale maps use the Albers Equal-Area projection with the USGS CONUS or Alaska projection parameters, depending on the location.

Park brochure maps in Adobe Illustrator format are available at Please note that many of these maps do not register exactly with the manual shaded relief available here. The Park Service is replacing older analogue maps with those derived from digital data sources. Registering the manual relief to the new digital maps will require transformations to the relief in Photoshop.
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